Lighting Schemes

There are six kinds of light to choose from here. Take a look at the following examples of trendy interior lighting designs:


These are wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Set the former somewhat above the eye-line to cast a glow onto a ceiling, the latter to create a striking highlight to any feature.l element. Check heat output for a floor lamp. Make sure a ceiling is pristine if you wish to light it; flaws can jump out in a very obvious way.


Recessed into a ceiling, these can be downwards-directed or directional. Low voltage lights are brighter and whiter than mains lights. Wide beams can cover 12-50 degrees.


Surface or recessed, very effective for textured surfaces.


Effective from a ceiling or wall, but beware using a pendant lamp on a low ceiling.


This is a concealed  form of illumination that hides the source. Works very well with cabinet interiors, bookshelves, over units, and so on. This is a good method of creating warmth and mellowness.


These can be stood on tables or floors. Use a translucent shade for a softly diffused light, an opaque shade for a more solid beam.

Take a look at the following examples of trendy interior lighting designs. Do you find them appealing? Would you do something similar in your home? Would you suggest something like this for someone else?

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